Oh NO! Those Lady Parts!

Oh those lady parts!  This week stumbled upon a few articles that reaffirmed for me the sad reality of how our society continues to find women and women’s sexuality rather objectionable.  The first article comes to us from CNET, by author , dated September 12.  Apparently Facebook is continuing its crusade to protect us all from the female nipple, including cartoon ones. Facebook blocked The New Yorker’s Facebook fan site because they posted a cartoon with Adam and Eve …. naked.  Imagine.  While examining the cartoon, one wonders what all the fuss is about!  As a friend reminded me today, the first version of Facebook, or the early incarnation created by Zuckerman, was designed specifically to rate the “hotness” and objectify women.  One wonders how the Facebook empire developed such an allergy to nipples (they often delete images of women breastfeeding because that’s objectionable as well).  Lord. Read Matyszczyk’s article: Facebook Beats its Breast Over New Yorker’s Heinous Nipples.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, it is the vagina that Apple finds offensive.   In the Gardian today,  reports on the fact that Apple has censored Naomi Wolf’s new book, The Vagina: A Biography.  Ironically, the book is about how “society has avoided thinking and talking about women’s genitals.”  Irony is right, the new text is listed in the Apple bookstore as V…..: A biography.  Wolf is not the only author to get the VJayJay edit as Eve Ensler’s play The Vagina Monologues are also similarly censored. As Flood observes in her article, the irony continues as we read Apple’s description for this publication:

The Vagina: A Biography “looks back in history and show[s] us how the v****a was considered sacred for centuries until it began to be cast as a threat”, and asks why “even now in an increasingly sexualised world, it is thought of as slightly shameful”.

 Read Flood’s article “Vagina by Naomi Wolf Covered Up by Apple ITunes.”

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Image: “The Eastern Favorite” by Edwin Long (1829 – 1891) – In public Domain via Wikimedia Commons