Diaphragm Blues at the Oahu Fringe Festival!

I am happy to announce that Singing the Diaphragm Blues has been selected for the Oahu Fringe Festival in February. Who can resist comedy, beaches, paradise and diaphragms all in one place!  In fact, these things mix very well together. I am also delighted to announce that Dale Westgaard will be directing again.  We have some challenges, as the show must be cut down to 60 minutes or less!  So, prep will begin in late October.


Which of these statements are true? A) Babies come from pumpkin seeds. B) Diaphragms are slippery when wet. C) Women who use birth control are sluts. Written and performed by Rebecca Lea McCarthy, directed by Dale Westgaard, Singing the Diaphragm Blues is a compelling comedy-drama exploring these questions. This play offers a critical and humorous outlook on female sexuality, from childhood to menopause, and gender mythology, while sharing hilarious true to life experiences. Adapted from McCarthy’s 2012 book Writing the Diaphragm Blues and Other Sexual Cacophonies, this play invites you to think, celebrate and laugh with McCarthy as she presents a night of memoir, broad comedy, diaphragms and struggles with a wayward chicken. Rebecca Lea McCarthy was nominated in 2013 as lead actress for The South Sound’s Carvie Theatre Awards, Washington State, and she won a 2014 Po’okela Award for lead actress in TAG’s production of Resistance! She has a BFA in acting from Cornish College of the Arts, and a PhD in Comparative Studies from Florida Atlantic University. Dale Westgaard, a member of Actor’s Equity, holds a MFA in directing from Roosevelt University in Chicago, and he has directed for Roosevelt University, University of San Francisco, Backer University and several theatres throughout the Northwest.

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