Princesses as role models? Maybe so!

Last week I had a blog dedicated to a young Facebook friend who wants to be a princess. The theme of the blog was simply this: dear Facebook friend, you do not want to be a princess (read the blog by clicking on this link)! I argued that the life of a princess was very difficult, and the life of the princess that she envisioned, the Disney princess, did not exist.  Keeping with this theme, last night I was delight to read Saraswati Nagpal’s article for the @Atlantic: Princesses Can, In Fact, Be Role Models for Little Girls – Saraswati Nagpal – The Atlantic.

Like my own thesis, Nagpal argues that the mythological Disney Princess is not really what we are looking for. However, unlike my article which shuns the whole princess thing, she argues that princesses can be role models for young girls.

Her argument is fascinating because much of India’s mythology is seriously influenced by patriarchy, making the role of the princesses rather bleak. And, when we consider the amount of mental, sexual, and physical abuses occurring to young women in and throughout India, especially the news stories about gang rapes in India and Globally, we can see how desperately women need good role models – especially for the young, and Indian cultural mythology can, apparently, provide this! Please take a few minutes to read this well written and thought out article by Nagpal.



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