New Underwear Followers

Dear Reader,

Well true to form, after mentioning the following words on my post (prostitution, underwear, sex and procreation), I received a few interesting new Twitter followers, including 1 sex worker, a book promoter-promoting a”Where do Babies Come From” book and, this was interesting in the end, a company called PantyO.

Sex Industry Workers

Generally, Twitter sex industry workers are rather easy to detect becuase the avatars of these Tweets are of young, sexy, women who either suck on their fingers, a piece of fruit or are seen sitting with their legs wide apart. I highly doubt that any of this images are of the actual Twitterer, but you have to love their Tweets:

I just met a new girl and we are gonna hang out, wanna cum?

Oh Brother!  Again, each to their own, but these folks are NOT bothering to read my tweets, or my bio. Rather, all they are doing is targeting me with the use of searches.  As Pooh Bear states: oh bother.

But I did get two unexpected new followers that should be mentioned generally: What looks to be an interesting read on where babies come from and a company selling Panties.

Where do Babies Come From?

One new follower was advertising the book Birds, Bees, Babies by J.L. Sweat. Regarding the book, the author writes:

The birds and the bees.  Birds, Bees,
Babies is a book that takes a “Santa Claus” or nonbiological approach to
teaching children about the birds and the bees.  When a child asks the
age old question, where do babies come from, this book can help provide a
healthy and positive solution to having the birds and bees talk.  The
book follows a little girl who has been taunted by a friend because she
does not know where babies come from.  Her father tells her the story of
the birds and the bees and that babies are created because the birds
and the bees make a baby and then it is delivered by the stork.  This
unique and exciting story is intended to present a non-sexual approach
to the explanation of where children come from.

This book takes the opposition direction that my mom finally took when giving me low-down on procreation,  and it leaves me to wonder: what story is the better story to tell on this topic: the mythological non-biological explanation or the biological one?  What do you think (leave comments below!)


The other new follower from my post was a company called PantyO, and they make a Kegel exercise undergarment selling for over $50 dollars (ouch!). If you wish to investigate, here is an article that discusses the Kegel Exercises from the Mayo-Clinic. These female undergarments are designed to help strengthen the pelvic floor mussels, which assist in childbirth, urination (avoiding incontinence) and, of course, sexual enjoyment.   

At first I was a bit wigged out on this follow.  I thought to myself:

Great, vibrating panties are following me! 

But this was not the case; after doing a bit of research, I can see how this product could be helpful not simply for someone hoping to enhance sexual pleasure, but, importantly, for those experiencing incontinence.

I have cared for several older and sick men and women in my life and I can tell you, if they could have avoided the problem of incontinence, they would have. But the panties made by PantyO should really come in more styles, rather than the bikini cut version, including styles preferred by an older crowd.  If you are targeting to fight incontinence, then you need to market to those people as well.

Where do Babies Come From:

I am still interested in hearing the story you were given about where babies come from, why now leave a comment here!


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