What is Faith?

Dear readers,

I have not been posting as I should because the amount of homework I have on my back has been immense and, between the blog or homework, I am afraid that homework needs to come first. So, I will be posting less but responding continuously. With that said, I have a question for everyone, one that has stumped me for a long time and, I think, is relevant today.

What is faith?

I ask this because so much of our culture hangs on “faith.” I am not looking for a purely “intellectual” definition of faith, this I understand, but faith in the real working world, grounded in the body and through one’s emotional being. Faith, not only as it is related with religion, but related to ones political beliefs. For example, no matter what befalls the neoconservatives right now, they have absolute faith in their agenda, members and goals. They do not seem to be shaken.

Also, there tends to be a difference between “faith” and “absolute faith.” The first can be given over to “belief” where “belief” can be proven to be wrong by experience. Whereas “absolute faith,” no matter how displaced it may be, holds like a heavy rock.

Finally, when are faith and absolute faith good and when are they bad? Tell me what you think dear reader and let’s look at this issue a little closer.



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